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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRAltTab

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Hi vitalyb, I just want to say that I'm still experiencing problems with FARRAltTab. I get exactly the same errors noted there (FarrEnvironmentVariables thread):

This is what I  periodically get :

So I've disabled FARRAltTab completely now, but am hoping to be able to use it again...

Is the last version 1.15 (from Nov 23rd, 2007) ?

Yeah  :( I am afraid I still didn't find time to fix it. I'll try to get on to it sometime this week.

No worries vitalyb.  :) I just wanted to mention my little bug, and... how useful I think this plugin is!

It should be fixed now! :)
If anything still doesn't work, let me know

Yes! everything seems to be working properly! MANY MANY thanks!!!  :Thmbsup:


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