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Get Camtasia Studio v3 for free

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I know its a slightly older version but Techsmith is making this version available for free and since their products are so well developed an older version may work well for some.

Camtasia is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen videos. It's easy-to-use, affordable, and is the quickest and most effective way for you to communicate.
--- End quote ---

Read up on getting the license and a link to the download:

Just thought members here could benefit from this offer.

Dang! I wish I'd known about this before I bought BBFlashback... Not that I'm not happy with BBFlashback, but FREE has a nice ring to it! Thanks for posting this, Chris, downloading as I type this (what can I say? I'm a software junkie).

Plus the free version allows you to qualify for the upgrade pricing if you choose to goto the newest version.

Thanks, Veign. That's great!

Sweet! I just checked mouser's screencasting review, and this free version is the "new and improved" one due out later in the month the review was done  :Thmbsup: I really don't need this, but it's installed now! Not too tempted to upgrade ($149 US) but will be comparing it to BBFlashback Pro.


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