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[feature request] dosearch modifier to show big or small icons


how about a new modifier for dosearch aliases to specify which kind of result display type you want...
that is big or small icons...

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Hi Mouser,

i think it'd be great if we could have a new keyword modifier to switch from small icons display to big icons display

for instance :
when you have an alias with few results (let's say the windows management alias of jgpaiva)

you could set up a "super" alias using a dosearch command :
dosearch WindowManagement +showbigicons

or for a alias with lots of results (let's say one that finds mp3...)
dosearch +folder_mp3 +open_in_winamp +mp3... +showsmallicons

i would be very nice ! and makes FARR even sexier 

Keep up the good work !

"dosearch using keyword modifiers" really makes FARR unique 
--- End quote ---


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