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Interesting article on homeopathy - from a medical perspective

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[THE VOICE OF GOD]If I ever do this sort of thing again I'm leaving out the apes. Some of them evolved into creationists. How the hell did that happen!?[/THE VOICE OF GOD]


[THE VOICE OF GOD]I hate evolution! I turn my back for a moment, these damn humans appear, infest the place and wreck everything...[/THE VOICE OF GOD]

FARR Wishes: Performance Tweaks ― Task Control ― Adaptive History
-nontroppo (November 27, 2007, 07:58 PM)
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Adaptive History? Is that like Intelligent Design?

Sorry Sorry Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Now, please some religious person tell me some good Athiest jokes. I'm a multi-denominational humorist.

Adaptive History? Is that like Intelligent Design?-tinjaw (November 27, 2007, 08:03 PM)
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Yes, I do truly believe FARR was intelligently designed  :P

Yowsers! The Guardian posted a reply to Ben's article:

What an amazingly idiotic reply. Note Ben was *very* clear that individualisation was taken into account in his trial when engaged in his mock discussion with the homeopathy fan. Dennis Maceoin comes up with the most missed-the-point response imaginable:

His ignorance is most grossly displayed in the preface to his piece:

"Time after time, properly conducted scientific studies have proved that homeopathic remedies work no better than simple placebos."

What utter hooey. There has never been a proper trial of homeopathy.
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Claims he believes strongly in Science while exhibiting an ignorance of what Ben said and what the scientific trials actually tested that is breathtaking. There are >350 comments if you want to have more fun. It so misses-the-point, several comments question if it is not satire...

for a diplomatic/studied response (also very critical - from the comments to same article in nontroppos last post)

There is another strawman that floats in this same area: the notion that homeopathy treats the whole patient instead of narrowly defined diseases as recognised by conventional medicine. It shouldn't bother them that the study gives them a pool of similar patients. The homeopath only needs to define ahead of time what they would regard as being a measure of a successful outcome
The homeopaths' requirement for individualisation and 'holism' is no obstacle to trialling.
Mr MaqcEoin should find us a 'rational' homeopath who can answer for all of these problems.-
I have quite a basic understanding of homeopathy,
yet off the top of my head I can think of a few possible "scenarios" for clinical trials that could take into account the different approach of homeopathy.
Which begs the question why arent these happening or being organised...
(no smart answers to that one please :P)


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