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Interesting article on homeopathy - from a medical perspective

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Which is kind of unfortunate really, cause if he has a worthwhile message it would be nice if it was presented in such a way as to be readable by the "other" camp...
And if your friends are converted from homeopathy? maybe they'll find something better..
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Maybe they will. I think Ben, though passionate, wrote as balanced an article as he could; there are deeply disturbing trends that are being sponsored at the highest level of homeopathy at the moment (SoH's ignoring their members prescribing anti-malarial remedies, treatments for AIDS). Reports claiming efficacy are no more than consumer surveys, and facts are misrepresented. That the SoH refused to even bother investigating their members for the anti-malarial prescriptions, and instead paid lawyers to chase bloggers speaks of how, at least the main body of homeopaths here, does business. This is not only innocuous.

Sorry, nontroppo, I'm dim - what does SoH stand for? All I could come up with was Secretary of Health, clearly this isn't what you mean  :-[

Anyway, I had no idea that this would generate such as lively discussion - I'm following it with interest. Oh, and thanks, too, nontroppo, for the link to Ben's blog. I'll be adding it in to my daily reading  :Thmbsup:

SoH = Society of Homeopaths, one of the largest professional bodies of Homeopaths in Europe IINM.

Ah... Thanks! That makes sense.  :o :-[

I found this very interesting:

Here is the strangest thing. Every single criticism I have made could easily be managed with clear and open discussion of the problems. But homoeopaths have walled themselves off from the routine cut-and-thrust of academic medicine, and reasoned critique is all too often met with anger, shrieks of persecution and avoidance rather than argument.
--- End quote ---

The same thing happens when people question the theory of Global Warming. Or when controversial topics arise, like whether or not to allow homosexuals to marry, or what to do about the illegal aliens in the USA.

Anyone who speaks against the idea that humans are causing global warming (or that global warming is actually a real problem) is met with stonewalling, threats, and avoidance. Someone who speaks against illegal aliens or homosexuals marrying is immediately called racist or homophobic and hateful. It's hard to find rational discussion, especially with those who on the surface say they want diversity and open-mindedness. These people just use bully tactics with anyone who disagrees with them.


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