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I like the last one - just a bit afraid, as mentioned earlier, the lines are a bit too thin...

Btw, for the banner on the site, I think it would be a lovely idea to use the "code morphin into cash" sketch for something - it has a real nice look to it, as well as being a pretty decent idea.

I agree... last one is nice!


Carol Haynes:
Here are a couple of stabs at the animated money/binary strip ...

I perhaps need fewer, larger coins and slow it down a bit. Trouble is slowing it down needs more frames which means bigger filesize.

I also though as the Money wiped along it could generate behind it ???

Not trying to nick people's ideas just thought I'd have a quick stab - if anyone wants the PhotoShop PSD file to play with I can let them have it. The animation was made in Adobe ImageReady 7.

damn carol you are good at making these animated things...
but i keep thinking if i click on the moving coins i will win a prize :)

if nudone's bird become the mascot then maybe we can have an animated banner with him running around picking up coints or something..  :)

might I ask what you used to make the logo for Swaledale Outdoor Club?


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