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Carol Haynes:
Corporate Logo was the word that sprang to mind when I saw it ;)

Here's my final stab at the animated birdie nonsense, I have given him a bag of money, but to make it easy to carry it is attached to his twig (and it saves me editing the twig out). (Zipped XAR file also attached if anyone wants to play with this further). Ideally the bottom end of the stick needs to be edited out, but that means manually editing 9 frames, and my attempts came out less than artistic  :-[

hope this helps stir the creative juices a bit more in everyone.

done in fireworks - but i'll tidy them up in illustrator, kerning the letters, etc. if these pass approval.

i can still move things around if anyone wants to make suggestions. or change colours, etc, etc.
-nudone (November 13, 2005, 01:26 PM)
--- End quote ---
WOW! Good work! Could you make the bird look a bit more like "I'm having fun here"? :)

nice carol - maybe we can get our little bird mascot in that circle..

(later tonight) i'll trace over the 'sketch' version of the bird so it looks a bit better at small banner sizes and more defined in general.

i'll also try to do a few other versions with the bird appearing a bit happier and more face on, etc. as requested above.

i'll also use Carol's circle idea if no one has updated it by the time i get around to it...

Carol Haynes:
OK ... here are two with the birdies ... I think the cleaner version works best with the crisp circle though ...


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