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Carol Haynes:
Does this help? If it does I created in Xara Xtreme ( which rivals Adobe Illustartor (at a fraction of the price) and is easier to use. I have attached the Xara file (zipped because I can't attach XAR files) if you want to download the demo and experiment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That helps more then you can imagine. I am going to experiment with xara now.

hope this helps stir the creative juices a bit more in everyone.

done in fireworks - but i'll tidy them up in illustrator, kerning the letters, etc. if these pass approval.

i can still move things around if anyone wants to make suggestions. or change colours, etc, etc.

just one thing to remember is if you would like a flash animation banner then it helps to keep the graphics as simple as possible - which is what i've done so far.

Carol Haynes:
Just another version to give the impression. The bird was found (a dove of peace) on Google Images. If we could change the twig for a bag of money with coins dropping out ...

(Zipped XAR file attached for this one too - if you want to see animations and how they work go to the Gallery Menu and click on Frames)

i'm loving this thread :)

kind of a fun idea carol to have a circular window with bird in it doing fun things like carrying bag of coins or picking up coins.. i may try to make a flash movie of it that can be used to make different future funny movies like little intermissions.

love the new bird nudone - but i love the old sketch one too :)
who knew you were such an artist!  can't decide which one i like best.

i think the bird with coin in its mouth does make the perfect mascot logo  :Thmbsup:


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