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At the moment, I don't have a comment about which entry should be used, but it looks like there are several opportunities for logos, depending on where they are placed:
1.  square buttons
2.  long banners
Both may be useful, as long as they express the same idea and personality.

i agree, there may be room to use multiple images for different things -
might be good to have a common thread through so that they are all somehow "recognizable" as being us.
however that common thing could be that bird holding a coin - it seemed to fit in very well with kniht's other logo, and it may fit in with others too - kind of like a theme where the bird is always in the logo somewhere.

one of the things we will be doing is making some shirt with the logo(s) i think, to give away as prizes or put on cafepress or something as an alternate way for people to donate.

it looks like the bird logo idea has been decided upon (november fundraiser banner) so i'll do a few versions of the bird/coin sketch in a bolder cartoony form for you to choose from (or dismiss).

regarding animations in flash - i can but it will take me a bit of time (like everything does).

i'll use the DC with the bird inside idea also - with thicker letters (they definitely need to be 'fatter' for smaller logo sizes).

i'll try and get something posted back within the next few hours...

notice the bird has found a home now in the upper right of forum.

soon we will have to have a board-wide vote to name him/her.

might I ask what you used to make the logo for Swaledale Outdoor Club?
-rrtwister (November 12, 2005, 10:18 PM)
--- End quote ---

A scannerĀ  :-[

It's off the letter head of the club ...
-CarolHaynes (November 13, 2005, 06:23 AM)
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Thanks. The reason I asked is that I was thinking of trying use that format and put the bird in the middle and where the text was. One of my major drawbacks is that I am about as artistic and creative as a cement block. Just thought I would see how it would turn out.


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