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i like the top one (thought i worry the lines are two thin for good printing on a tshirt,etc.)

an idea: what if a bird was sitting on the bottom upward curve of the C, holding a coin and looking down?

Carol Haynes:
How about a screen saver (you may be able to click on it or right click and save it - it depends on your browser).

To try it out, download the file, right click on it and choose install. The screensaver dialogue in Display Properties should appear with the screen saver selected just click OK. In not put you mouse on a blank area of the desktop, right click and choose Properties and select the screen saver tab. You should find it in the list under DCScreenSaver. These instructions are for Windows XP other versions should work similarly.

Note if you change screensaver it disappears form the list again, if you want it permanently available copy the file to the C:\Windows\System32 folder, right click install from there, and then it should be permanently available.

If you just want to preview it just double click the file.


that screensaver is hypnotizing!!!!!

just a few quick ideas.

if anyone wants to see them done properly with vector graphics then i'll do them later (maybe tomorrow).

any suggestions for variations or improvements?

top one is a stash of cash morfing into binary code.

middle one is a bird holding a coin with a cat coding in front of a monitor - monitor can have something more appropriate on the screen.

bottom one is sort of like a bird holding a coin hovering above binary code.

of course, i've mostly just added to the ideas that were already mentioned above.

So far I must say I like mouser's idea of the bird on the lower part of the C in DC.  That would look pretty cool.  You could make the letters thicker for printing.



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