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It's time for to have a new unique, memorable LOGO.
It has to be a design that looks good very small (say 128x128 pixels) but also looks good large (like on a tshirt).

You can post submissions as replies to this thread or email them directly to [email protected]

There is no limit to the number of submissions and no fixed expiration date for the contest.
We might choose multiple logos if there are several that look good together.

The winner will get some prize(s), fame, fortune, plus the thanks and gratefullness of this site.

just bumping this topic - we really do need some designs for logo / cartoon mascot /etc.

anyone know any artists who could work up a few sketches?

Just fun  :D

that's kind of fun actually  :)

Sounds like something I'd like to try...if I can ever find time.

Try posting over at the Deviantart forums. There are some amazing graphic artists there and some great people.


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