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ForegroundLockTimeout Value

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I noticed that the install of the Process Tamer 2.0 beta changed my HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\\ForegroundLockTimeout value to 0 (from 200000).  This causes annoying problems with application windows not grabbing focus when opened.

Is it necessary for ForegroundLockTimeout to be set to 0 for Process Tamer to work properly or optimally?

scott -

i was just about to tell you that there is no code in process tamer that sets this, until i rechecked and discovered that indeed there is.

here is the code:
   // this code is nesc. to allow pop up to get foreground focus

evidently i added it at some point in a pique of anger because a popup message from the tray tool was showing up behind other windows; the new process tamer doesnt use popups though, and uses tray balloons, so i am going to remove this code.


now, the question is, should new versions of process tamer now revert this back to 200000 for users of prior versions?  im thinking yes.

OK, I'm confused.  According to this MSKB article, setting the value of ForegroundLockTimeout to 0 is how you correct issues with windows not taking focus when expected.  But...  I don't think I ever had this problem until the value was set to 0.  Maybe I'm just nuts.

Thanks for the reply.  You replied while I was hacking out my own.   :)

yes well,
MS says to set it to 0 to fix problems.
which is what i did.
and it seemed to help.

of course we shouldn't be surprised that given its from MS, it has some side effects.
i guess you were experiencing one of the side effects..
regardless, it's not needed any more by process tamer so i'm removing it.

new version is up on members page.
this version forces the value back to its default of 200000; in a couple more versions i will remove this forcing.

I sure wasn't blaming you, no problems on my end...  I could have worked around it by setting it back to 200000 at each shutdown.  :)

I agree that it should be set back to 200000 by PT.  That would probably be appropriate for 99%+ of users.


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