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Script/batch file that copies two files from a drive(usb) to a location

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Hi Jim,

thanks for the hints. My response is quite likely much too late, but I wasn't around for a while.

I have tried the environment variable %CD% that you mentioned in a batch file like this:

--- ---::TEST.BAT

echo %CD%

The output this batch file creates when called from within the directory where it is stored is as expected:

--- ---C:\Users\Wolf\>test.bat

and the output when called from from the root directory is this:

--- ---C:\>Users\Wolf\test.bat

I noticed that the variable is inconsistent in adding a trailing backslash as the the ending character.

CopyMyFiles.cmd is stored in C:\Scripts
At the command prompt, you change directories to F:\Data
From there you type in the command
The %CD% variable will contain the value F:\Data.

--- End quote ---

I agree with everything you say, but would you not get the same behaviour when omitting the %CD%\ from your suggested CopyMyFiles.cmd?

copy data.exe c:\windows\system32\data
copy pic.jpg C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop

I might have misunderstood the original question, but it seems to me that the question was to find a way to refer to the directory where the batch file is located (USB device?), rather than storing the batch on the hard drive.




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