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Window sizing bug (scrollbars)

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this thread was split off from the one on richedit problem, so it may seem a bit confusing.

one clue i need to help me figure out problem - when the window popup up showing scroll bars, can you try this:
put your cursor on right hand window edge and drag it just a tiny bit to the LEFT.

that is, you are going to make the window SMALLER a little bit.
see if it doesnt readjust itself and get rid of scrollbars.

if so, then the problem is one thing that i will be able to address, if it doesn't then its a different issue.

hi there mouser,

i have a 4.8mb (712kb compressed with rar) swf file that i recorded my desktop to show the effect...
how do i send it to you?

in the recording, you can see that upon launch F&RR comes with scrollbars.
to which i resize to make it disappear then i make F&RR lose focus...
when i call it again the scrollbars are there again...

best regards,

just send to [email protected] please

do you know if by any chance you have your windows operating system set to use large fonts?

Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Display dpi

what dpi setting do you have?

hi there mouser,

you've probably read the other post by now... ;-)

so i'll just send the swf file for reference sake... fyi, the fonts' setting is at 96dpi.


best regards,


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