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What’s Your Backup Strategy?

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There are many threads on backup strategies (like these two, among others : SuperboyAC's DC blog #3 (My Unique Data Backup Solution) and How do you backup your files? ).

You could also check this :

My tools are : acronis true image & SyncBackSE.

The "problem" with firstdefense is that it doesn't replace a "real" backup : you can't (well, you couldn't some months ago) store the data on an external hard drive.

With firstdefense you can store as many back ups as you want to an external hard drive as archives and restore them any time. But true the intend use is not mainly as a back up tool, rather disaster recovery.

I find more its more exiting use, after a clean windows installation to create different windows snapshots each with different antivirus, word processing programs, utilities and even install windows 2000 or vista on the top of windows XP and return to the original installation any time.

I prefer True Image. Every week make scheduled backups of my work files. Also have an image of the hole hd and media archives.

First of all, I have a RAID Mirror. This is not suitable for backup, but it gives some protection against harddrive failures. Peace of mind. Apart from that, some of my programming projects are under version control, but not all of them.

And this is where things get embarassing: I haven't done regular backups of any kind since I moved out on my own, because I left the fileserver with my mum & brothers.

I've finally manage to scrape enough money together (a little over US$590) so I can build a new fileserver, including 2x320gig (yep, RAID Mirror) storage. With this in place, I'll move my subversion repository to this fileserver... and setup an automated backup job from my workstation to the server (not exactly sure what kind yet, but I'll figure out), and do automated pushing of the svn repo from my fileserver to the old server at my mother's place.

The subversion repository is obviously some of the most valuable data I have, which is why I'll push it nightly to the other server. Local backups don't help if your apartment burns down, or the server is stolen.


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