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IDEA: a Profile-able Workdesk Desktop

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You're right, wetsmellydog!
I think i was misunderstanding.

Here are a few relevant links:;search=virtual+desktop
dexpot, my favourite virtual desktop manager

actually, your idea is great and has give a good function to desktop profile, I'm sorry that I'd say its "complicated" because of the "moving of contents" you said and I say "w/o moving contents"

* Dexpod is a Windows Manager (virtual desktop), the other links provided  "symbolic link" to a file like in linux.

i you read my old post:

and this one that we attempt to develop it:

we encountered problem in refreshing the desktop, i think a windowless explorer (overlaying the real desktop) may help:

I know a virtual desktop and i have searched alot about it, it looks like a virtual desktop but its not using a switching taskbar or open window's desktop switch. only the desktop.

I'm not sure why psionics started a new thread for this

have a look at the one linked to in first post

Worktop[/b]: ~ recently "Desktop Profile". an Overlay Desktop acting as a Profile-able "Work Desk" in a separate assignable folder

from my late post:
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-psionics (November 14, 2007, 09:28 AM)
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EDIT: sorry missed your last post there psionics

because, this is the proper area to post it (Post New Requests Here). I'm new to the forum and I'm quite having a hard time focusing in development.

because, this is the proper area to post it (Post New Requests Here)-psionics (November 16, 2007, 06:21 AM)
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gotcha :)  point taken -
I wasnt complaining, just wasnt sure
unfortunately it means people are covering same ground twice at times
either having to read twice or *not* reading twice and posting stuff that's already been covered

but you can remind them  :D


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