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IDEA: a Profile-able Workdesk Desktop

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yeah  ;D

I somehow found the function I am looking for(Desktop in a separate folder - function), this is it... but this one is too much from what I want. and the Icon arrangement is somehow buggy that gets cluttered every time I change desktop.. Also, the virtual desktop function cannot be deactivate(open windows) and lastly, its not FREE..  :(


I have tried it.. looks great, and memory friendly, but it is much better if they didn't put the virtual desktop function(taskbar window's manager)

* found a lite version and is freeware (but only the virtual desktop is available, thats the one i hate):

this one, i never tried yet.. - not tried

I still hoping for someone to code it.. pls...  :(

psionics please test dexpot. It's free, and from what i understand, it has an option to do what you're asking for. Check under "settings -> switching desktops -> desktop elements -> custumize icons".

To have all the windows in all the desktops, make a rule that will force all windows to be "sticky".

I already did tried Dexpot. It has all what I want, the "Desktop Overview", It also has the ability to customized which Icons are presented on each desktop, But the assignable "Desktop Folder"(as in Files/Folders) wasn't there only the hiding of desktop icons/files/folders to a selected desktop~ which i really need most(assignable/switching). actually, managebyte's ~ ManageDesk 2.46.11 did it already, but the virtual desktop(taskbar of window's management) function ~ that is to be eliminated. their recent version also recovered from the bug when refreshing the desktop after the switching. my post here is a "hope" for the coders to code it. Dexpot is really great as im using it for the while(thanks dude n_n). i had followed your instruction to eliminate the virtual desktop function.

only the desktop folder switching and assigning is what i am looking/hoping.

More on this topic in this other thread -


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