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IDEA - extended audio mixer

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i think we've talked about one such program on the forum before but i can't remember what it's called now. it isn't freeware so you might not be interested. maybe it couldn't be configured for individual programs?????

i'm sure someone around here will know exactly which program i mean and will let you know.

My old logitech navigator keyboard had a wheel for volume and when it finally died and got replaced the new one didnt, and I missed the wheel so much until I found volumouse. Using the keyboard is just not quick enough, by the time you've held the key down and the volume starts to change, you could have already had the volume upa dn back with a mouse. ;)
-Zeph (December 19, 2005, 07:10 AM)
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That's one more reason why I prefer to use the keyboard: volume changes aren't THAT fast, so I won't accidently blow out my ears drumsĀ  ;D


(same maker as DirectFolders btw)

Almost forgot I was a registered user of this program, it's the best one I've ever found.  Very useful if you have need to alter different level controls on a regular basis.

Personally, I use Power Mixer that lets me manage and control volume from any application in Windows using the mouse scroll wheel and hot keys. It's a very convenient and quick way.


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