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Please make an effort to try to find existing programs that do what you are asking for before you post an Idea request; this section is not meant to be a coding excercise, so if the program already exists (as freeware), then there is little point having someone here re-implement it.

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I have just found the above here
- DC forums
-- Software
--- Coding Snacks
---- Post New Requests Here
----- Topic: When writing code means you've failed.. READ IN
and would like to ask for guidance, please.

I believe that psionics has been directed to come here, and I am offering a helping hand, but it will be a coding exercise. The functionality of the code is of limited use (even if it is working as laid out), as it only provides a customised front-end to an existing application. Where shall we go with this?


thanks  :)

I code a bit, but not yet this advanced.. so wish us luck

ok.. seems this one is able to make a exe with set of files inside that is loaded in the memory.
* this idea is very simple ~ a single file portable application that can put a file inside it. (and out)

I think thinstall is also along the lines you are thinking.

"Thinstall is a robust, self-contained application virtualization solution that requires no client-side agents or supporting server infrastructure. Thinstall’s “clean” architecture makes it suitable to a wide range of deployment scenarios, including environments in which traditional agent-based products would be inappropriate"-
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yes thats it(almost).. but it's the same with the one i attached here. i need a free version and is able to extract and add items to it's container exe. everytime.  :) thanks for the reply


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