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IDEA: a Self-Contained Archive

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im looking for someone who can code this apps. or similar

"a Self Package (SFX) ~ .exe with explorer-like GUI"

* Drag n Drop files inside that box (there is only two way)
* updates(overwrites) the file when there's duplicate
* able to delete the file inside by pressing del key or rightclick delete
* independent, which mean, the extracting and compressing feature in built-in.. like a shell, a single file, self-contained, portable
* wish list: encryption function and password (or else, will just act like the default XP zip folders)

that would be great..

--- End quote ---

I quoted from the other thread, to have the info visible here as well as available.

How about a "cloning" option: New archive -> will pop up a dialogue for the name of a new, empty archive and create for example NewFancySelfContainer.exe, which will be some kind of build-in "distributor", as you don't want an installer for it. In case the "mother" has already been patched with a different icon, then maybe allow the default icon to be recreated, as that would ensure to have all "newborns" identical.

Sorry for my terminology.

Would you pay high attention to the efficacy of the build-in compressor, or is plain zip OK? I am wondering also about the use of temporary files on the target computer, in case you need to add or remove large multimedia files.
The problem with these is that a lot of them are "prepacked" and take a long time to re-pack.

Would you consider to have this app build as a container-only (compression level set to store only), with strong encription of the files within, or is that no good for your needs?


Thanks for the replies.. :)

re f0dder:
encrypted rar(winrar) is good, also the window's compressed folders also works as what i am requesting. but the technology of independent, self-container and self-apps idea is not just focused to clean windows registry(portable apps),  unlike winrar and zips:

1. always ready for usage(in-case for clients presentation/distribution or old people, it wouldn't be a hassle anymore, as technology is used to automate things)
2. security of footprints
3. the idea itself (the era of self-container and self-apps to other types of apps)

re wolf.b:
* 1st quote:
   i understand your terminology, using a "mother" to take control of compression/uncompress. this would be great also. but it is more easy for the users if it is built-in to the image/app file

* 2nd quote:
   any built-n compressor will do. The problem with these is that a lot of them are "prepacked" and take a long time to re-pack
--- End quote ---
the case is, whats the difference would be on other compressor apps? maybe, using the technology of winrar? (set to a temporary folder but with footprints) or using an ISO/Image technology?(set to a virtual memory) then, when hitting the close button, it will be re-compressed again? ~ for me, any of those would be great as long as implemented.

   If they were containers only, w/o the apps build-in, it will act like the other portable compression tools (z7,Rar,Zips~etc). which is not different from them and I'll just use them aswell.

Research UPDATE:
my long research, i found this, help me with it if its ok:
--- End quote ---

attched file:

but it is more easy for the users if it is built-in to the image/app file

--- End quote ---

What image/app file are you referring to? I talk about the standalone EXE that you requested. I have taken the liberty to modify your lovely picture so you can see what I mean.
IDEA: a Self-Contained Archive

I also would like to adjust my terminology like such (took me a while to find the correct english word):
"Mother" is the standalone EXE in the picture above. Child is the "newborn" standalone EXE that you can name, that is empty, and that has the default icon recreated. This process is not cloning but budding. Sorry for not including a picture of SpongeBob budding, I failed to find one.


moew!  :huh: oh yeah, a "new" button is cool also..  :Thmbsup: sorry about the mothership thing.. and spongebob is cool

about the image/app ~ the "image" is the container (e.g. iso image, cd image, diskette image, etc), I should've said "container", sorry..  :-[

There is no need to be sorry, I just was not sure if we talk about the same thing. :)

image filesI am not trying to patronise, or to correct you, but I think that most people will understand the term "image" (eg ISO image, CD image, diskette image) like this: It is a file that represents an exact copy of the entire filesystem on the CD/floppy. There are also hard disk images possible. The image file can also be compressed, eg Ghost Images, WinImage files (*.imz). But this is not written in stone.

I think now that we are indeed talking about the same thing: A single standalone EXE with the possibilities that you mentioned. And a build-in "budding/cloning" option, so you would not have to copy an existing instance (which might be BIG), and then delete all the files from inside to get a new/empty archive (single standalone EXE).

I don't want to get your hopes up, but I regard your idea as a very interesting one. I will try and see what I can do. Just so you know what to expect, I'm not the fastest coder in the west, that title is definitely taken. For me it will be a challenging project that I use to teach myself some advanced aspects in programming. Maybe/hopefully a true programmer will step in and deliver a solution before I get to write as much as a GUI for this. My first attempt will be to create such an application, without encryption or compression, so it is a waste of space (you can have that by creating an normal folder). Other than that, it could serve as a bad example for writing code, or we could show it to a real programmer and ask for directions how to implement zip compression (with encryption).

Actually "spawning" might be a better alternative to call the process of creating a new/empty archive.



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