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IDEA: a Self-Contained Archive

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Good Day.. i finally located this topic.. i don't wanna get redundant so i just put this here and the link which it came from first. please guide me in anything.

Contain-r: SFX in GUI, a portable compressed secured self-content file archive

from my late post:
--- End quote ---

suggest a title if you hate the name i provided  ;D (click to open attachments to explain further details)

Please edit your post and create a new post for the second IDEA. It's kinda hard to keep track/manage if there's more than one idea in a post.

In case of referral, this is not what im looking for:

Portable Vault


klonsoft LockDisk 3.0  -freeware

These are not what im looking for..  :(

* I'm hoping to someone who can code a portable .exe file-container with built-in internal compressor/uncompressor

* something like an ISO or IMAGE container "copy /b" in a compressor/uncompressor application

Off:  :-\ i'm thinking about a script when opening a folder, will automatically open an application inside it.. (so i can just change the icon of the folder unlike those portable-converted appz)

Why not use an encrypted .RAR file?


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