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houseforge recommendation November 2007: Pidgin

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What is the memory footprint like?  Any better than the GoogleTalk client?


I'm a big fan of Pidgin, which has some neat features, such as allowing you to group all the multiple ids of a single contact in a single entity.  I would like it much better if it had voice support (Jingle/SIP).  Its memory footprint is not bad, although the Google Talk client is a bit more lightweight in what I've seen so far.  If you want something with a tiny footprint, you can try Miranda.

Isn't google talk the same as jabber? Maybe they stuff in more data in the xml-messages...

I would guess that Pidgin is heavier than GT, but it also has more features for example an OTR plugin. I haven't ever used the official GT client though, so I don't anything about it (I don't even know where to download it).

I use Pidgin daily. The odd thing is that I never thought to go looking for plugins. I have, until now, limited myself to the bundled plugins. Thanks for mentioning OTR. Any other plugins out there I should look into?

I would look for something that is compatible with/to blowfish, then you could have encrypted conversations on irc with users of FiSH or mircryption. Well this is just the same again: encryption :)

I think protecting your conversations is important. Even if you don't have something to hide, it doesn't mean you have everything to show.

You might need/want other plugins that "depend" on the kind of data you get: if there are lots of urls you might be interested in an url grabber thingie (maybe it's built-in) ... that sort of thing. Everytime you think "it would be cool if I could do this and that" look for a plugin that does this and that!


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