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Change Desktop Folder

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Yes, I tested on Xp and it works.
You need to set a folder, which you want to display as new desktop and a hotkey.
With the hotkeys you can simply switch the displayed desktop/icons to another folder's files/icons without explorer.exe restart.

nice find! you have to install the visual C++ 2005 first before installing Extra Desktop. its works great just what i wanted! i don't mind if the icons doesn't have shadows (very good thing there is that it is layered to desktop even if you press win+D while dragging a file). (expires on January 28) :(  it got everything i need but i think its not free..  :-\

and the bug i've discovered in, when you click a folder, the whole desktop goes to that folder instead of opening a window for it. and it cannot be reverted back to it's root desktop profile even if you press the backspace key. i think each desktop must have a "back" icon(if folders opening aren't implemented as floating windows) and a "recycle bin". (theres a desktop scrollbar and view as thumbnails which is cool :P )  but still not it..

@psionics You need to unclick the box with "browsing.." in the settings.
Its free, but in development status...

I discoverd a small Hotkey bug, too.

ohh. that is good to hear that it is free.. yeah i know to troubleshoot those thanks btw.. i was hoping for its improvement from the bug. what is great is that it works like in DLL, not an application. but when it hangs.. you have to refresh exporer.exe but not a serious issue i think.

I hope a big Bugfixed Version will arrive on January 28, 2008.


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