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compare text files

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Found this by digging through their FAQ:

The registration fee for a package including Compare It! and Synchronize It! is as low as US $29.

The registration fee includes:

Lifetime e-mail technical support
1 year of free upgrades
Discounts for future upgrades

--- End quote ---

Hmm... I've loaded a demo of Compare It! - very nice nontroppo. I'm tempted to buy a licence - $21 today. But I've already got Beyond Compare 2, Folder Match (not even installed), and Ultra Compare Pro (lifetime licence) so am not sure that I can justify it! Love the GUI and the speed though. Much quicker than Beyond Compare  :Thmbsup:

So... any compelling reason for me to jump on this, other than to satisfy my unquenchable thirst for new and exciting software experiences  :huh: :-[ :o

I just chatted with the developer. Transcript attached. (summary is that DC discount is still active.)

  Conversation with 28837946

*Conversation with 28837946 on 11/10/2007 8:52:23 AM:*
(08:52:50) *7825266:* Hello, I have a question about Compare It!.


(09:38:13) *28837946:* Hello,
(09:38:24) *28837946:* Are you there yet?
(09:57:28) *7825266:* hello
(09:58:16) *7825266:* I don't see any upgrade pricing on your website.
(09:58:26) *7825266:* Is it a lifetime license?
(10:03:36) *7825266:* #2) does Compare It! come with the functionality
of Synchronise It!?
(10:04:15) *7825266:* My interpretation is that it does, and that you
can purchase the bundle if you wish to use Synchronize It on a second
(10:04:15) *28837946:* #2: no, features do not overlap in 2 programs
(10:05:18) *28837946:* if you purchase it now, you will have 1 year of
free upgrades. Your version you can use as long as you want.
(10:05:55) *28837946:* upgrade price is 40% of regular purchase
(10:06:14) *7825266:* I have multiple computers, but it is only me that
uses them. Am I allowed to install them on all my computers. For example
I have two desktops and a laptop.
(10:08:51) *28837946:* our license allow personal license to be used on
3 computers - typically home, work and laptop. If you need more - you
will have to purchase additional licenses. But if this is your home
computers, I think you can live with single personal license
(10:10:12) *7825266:* I am looking at Compare It! even though I have
Beyond Compare already because of something a forum buddy of mine posted...
(10:10:16) *7825266:* The reason I originally chose Compare It!
"compared" to Beyond Compare / Ultracompare is that I found its
heuristics to handle moved sections better (as well as better
within-line comparison). One can also use Regex pre-parsing or input
plugins prior to matching to improve matching efficiency.
(10:10:30) *7825266:* Can you please elaborate?
(10:12:09) *7825266:* I am busy with other projects today, and really
don't have time to demo Compare It. However, with the 24hour sale and
30-day money-back I may purchase and then try it out for a few weeks. Is
that acceptable?
(10:14:25) *28837946:* In fact you can even work with trial during these
weeks - trial is fully functional anyway. But you can purchase a
license, it's just fine, refund will not be a problem.
(10:14:59) *28837946:* When I last checked BC it wasn't able to find
moved sections, did it change?
(10:15:26) *28837946:* BC has regexp feature too, a bit more easier to
use then in ComapreIt
(10:16:18) *7825266:* I must confess that I haven't used BC on anything
but small files to date.
(10:16:31) *28837946:* If you need smarter aligning, you can check
latest beta of v4, it has automatch feature - when lines are aligned by
some "key" portion of string
(10:16:46) *7825266:* And I don't think I have had and large chunks moved.
(10:17:24) *28837946:* Anyway, if you will have a question on how to use
CompareIt more efficiently, you are always welcome.
(10:17:35) *7825266:* OK, thank you.
(10:17:49) *7825266:* May I post this conversation to the thread on
(10:18:01) *28837946:* sure, no problems.
(10:18:12) *7825266:* thank you
(10:18:18) *28837946:* I had some donationcoder discount, btw
(10:19:08) *7825266:* Is it still available? If not, would you like to
off it again?
(10:19:29) *28837946:* DCODER coupon - 50% off. yes, it should work
(10:20:20) *7825266:* Thank you. I will remind the other members of this
discount. That also means I can try the demo first and purchase with the
discount coupon later. Thank you again.
(10:20:26) *28837946:* Note that CompareIt alone does not cover BC
features - you need Synchronize It! too.
(10:20:40) *7825266:* Understood.

--- End quote ---

Dang! Tinjaw - good work!

The best diff app I have yet to see for text is the one that comes with Visual Slick Edit. I can't help but mention that Visual Slick Edit is one great editor for programmers.


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