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File synchronization: moving away from incremental backup (HELP!)

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If MirrorFolder can match its sync abilities and is faster then I might switch.
-MrCrispy (October 01, 2008, 05:38 PM)
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In the filter driver mode MirrorFolder is instantaneous. This one feature is fantastic, but there were too many things I didn't like about MF. I finally chose FileHamster for real-tome backup, even though I don't like .Net apps in general. From my notes, these are the issues I had with MirrorFolder:

* No option to enforce a minimal delay between backups
* No option to archive files without zipping them. This makes file comparison awkward.
* When archiving, each modified file is saved to a separate zip file, which is not named after the file, but has a name like ""; so finding, comparing and restoring archives is awfully inconvenient.
* Very hard to restore, since one has to manually select individual files, and the dialog boxes don't even open in the defined backup location. Quite inconvenient in comparison to FileHamster. Hard (or impossible) to see which files have how many archived versions.
* No option to specify the number of archived versions to keep (there IS an option to delete archived versions older than n days though)
* Never received a reply to a support question I asked during the trial period

I think you are trying to use MF to do versioned backups (at least that's what fileHamster does). And my guess is that MF is designed for synch'ing not for versioned backups (although most of these programs can be used for both see e.g., the very name of synchBack).

This thread reminds me of an excellent real-time backup software called AJC Backup where versionning is very nicely done.  Versions are saved in a proprietary compressed (or not) format which is very efficient at storing multiple versions of a same file.  I may have 20 versions of an .xls file and the archive is 70% of the size of the last xls file.


Backup is updated as soon as a file is saved.

More info on

MerleOne: how does it do it's job? Filter Driver, or filesystem notifications?

MerleOne: how does it do it's job? Filter Driver, or filesystem notifications?
-f0dder (October 02, 2008, 02:28 AM)
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I would bet on filesystem notification, since there is no special service/driver running AFAIK, but the developer should probably be asked.


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