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File synchronization: moving away from incremental backup (HELP!)

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At the museum, I'm currently using a backup where each client machine does incremental backups to a file-server, using Acronis TrueIimage. For various reasons (including bugs & quirks with TI), this is no longer desirable. In fact, I don't want to do traditional backups from the client machines to the server.

We're going to outsource backups to a secure data facility, after all having backups on the server is no good if the museum burns down. So, the new scheme I want to run is client machines *synchronizing* files to the server, and the server being backed up incrementally to the remote facility.

So, what good synchronizing programs are out there? I have a few requirements:

* Unobtrusive, must run entirely in the background
* Must be able to handle open files in a sensible way
* Preferably light on resources
* Preferably something that auto-detects changes, (no full harddrive scans)
EDIT: some clarifications, I do not need the following:

* Backup functionality - that will be handled by another piece of software
* Revisions/Incremental sync - I just want "plain and simple" file sync
* Compression - again, handled by backup software on the server

Ralf Maximus:
SyncBack.  Perhaps the SE version, but the freeware edition may be sufficient for your needs.

It does all the things you request and even throws in throttling and FTP synchronization too.

have a look at SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible thread

Anyone tried Mozy? Might be a proper solution for this situation.

I use drivehq and I am completely satisfied ;)

EDIT: it has got synchronization, incremental backup etc. 1GB is free  :-*


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