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IDEA: Freeware Windows Installer?

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This might have been asked and answered already, I apologise if so.

I am looking for one that is fairly EZ to use, and not complicated, sort of a D&D (drag & drop) if it exists. To deploy VB6 companion software. I didn't find anything in the reviews, so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for the insight.


I might have answered thtis one here for myself. I found Install Creator, and lots o f others here

But open to others, especially  if they are targeting that of VB6.

Link  to what is said to be the "easiest" to use window installer out.

thanks kc, i'm going to check it out.
i currently use Inno Setup and i'm quite happy with it, but it's not the easiest thing to use.

the two i've considered seriously are Inno Setup and NSIS, both FREE.

both let you make installs that can either include all files in them, or externally (which is what we use now with apps due to popular demand).

(but ISTOOL makes it much easier to use ->


(note i checked out Install Creator, and only the pro version can create installers with external files, and pro version is $150, so for me that would rule out the use of this program).

Visual Installer from Microsoft (free):

Innosetup from JR Software (free):

If using Inno Setup check out ISTool at

What is ISTool?
"ISTool helps you create scripts for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup compiler. Inno Setup is a great compiler for very professional looking setups, and the only disadvantage is that you have to create fairly complex scripts by hand."


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