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best clipboard program

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I saw some software solution that sounded really "neat" on that front the other day, something that claimed it hooked into key applications and was able to save snaps of your work, using spyware tech but smartly... but I cannot remember it at the moment to check if my memory is playing games or not

The options I am aware of:

- pick the right tool for working your text, one that autosaves a lot... then use a version archiver to keep copies

- find a keylogger program which has backup-oriented options (meaning you can tell it to ignore text typed except in certain contexts like the text windows of any text/editor/web browser/email client etc. and ignore keys).
The problem with normal keyloggers is that without a lot of analysis it is hard to tell what was text, and what might have been selected and deleted later.

- use a lightweight macro recorder tool and run it while you are working. this means you can rerun what you did later. Not sure what kind of resource and disk usage that would cause, though. Same problem you already mentioned about the

- use a tool that does regular screenshots as a backup. and character recognition. Included for completeness!

- use a tool that saves everything you select and regularly select the text you are working on, without having to copy. This is a bit like a clipboard manager but without having to copy. Works beautifully if like me you select while you think
Again the issue is that what you select to copy/past or delete also gets saved and you wont know the difference

- learn to press the save key a lot. I think there was a discussion lately about how to do a script that would force it.

All right, I agree with you there has to be a better way

I swear by CLCL.. not glitzy, but small/portable and does the job really well...
-ChalkTrauma (November 05, 2007, 08:52 AM)
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after long tests, CLCL would also be my suggestion  :Thmbsup:

I have switched from CLCL to DITTO. I love the search tool in DITTO which I really missed in CLCL.

kalos, there is somewhat similar discussion here.. maybe a program like this more suitable to your needs?

Emsa Save My Work
Emsa Save My Work is a simple personal keylogger, that is not aimed at snooping, but rather to keep track of everything you are typing. If you have ever experienced a program crash and lost the content of a letter or email you had just typed, then this program can be of help. It automatically logs everything you type and allows you to review the log and also save it to a file. The program runs in the system tray and can be enabled/disabled as needed.

iphigenie - you're not insane! I've been wracking my brains as I've read this thread trying to remember the name of the app that I came across that does what kalos is looking for. Can I remember it? Nope. But I *know* it's out there. FWIW, kalos, I'm pretty confident that the app I'm thinking of was probably highlighted on DC in the past, so searching the forums creatively might turn something up. In the interim, I'll try to remember where/when/what I saw...


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