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Effects of resizing after the graphics corruption:

iTunes2 is nice and sleek - thanks, nontroppo (and I've fixed OPera the way I like it now, so thanks for that, too).

what about the table would you like to customize? background image or color? font size/color/style? i can probably add that myself manually..
-mouser (October 03, 2005, 05:21 PM)
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Forget it. It's not your fault. Windowblinds recognizes the table and skins it itself along with the statusbar.

BTW: Could we get rid of the status bar on the main FARR window. In the preferences window it makes perfectly sense to have a status bar that shows informations about the different options, but in the main window I don't need a statusbar that tells me "Wellcome master" or informs me that I can right-click an entry. I think getting rid of the status bar would make FARR look better.

i can turn on skinning for preferences and other forms.
-mouser (October 03, 2005, 11:30 AM)
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That would be nice.

thanks nontroppo,

itunes2 has a really nice slim titlebar (statusbar is still too tall here on my machine at least - any chance of getting that fixed? and can we rename it "compactitunes"?).

now what's this about the graphics bug - i don't see it here..  does it happen with every skin? only when transparency is enabled? only when autoshrink is enabled?

anyone else have that bug?


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