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btw i like that metal skin a alot too but i hate how tall the top and bottom stuff is (titlebar and status bar).. i wish someone would edit that skin and make them very thin.

I dislike that too!  Which is the skin you're using in your screenshots - I know I could find it with very little effort, but may as well ask you.  And yes, I would love it if the edit field could stay anchored at the bottom.

i'm using 31 currently.

anyone care to try to learn how to use the skinning tool to shorten the titlebar and statusbar skin elements for that metal skin in m_s's screenshot? (what skin filename is it m_s)?

It's iTunes.skn (and if anyone is going to make any skins, how about a Milk one?)

m_s skin 39 is the current closest to milk (a theme I love too btw - I once started a pure milk skin for Opera but it never got finished). BTW why do you have that space at the top of your Opera window, if you upgrade to V8.5 it will disappear! ;)

mouser: can you make it so we don't have to bring up the load requestor to change skins, I want to type manually into the text box and press enter to change skins, as it is faster.

If I get time I'll reskin FARR, but I have many other things on the boil atm...


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