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v1.07.18 beta

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v1.07.18 beta:

Now supports skinning; for 5mb worth of extra skins (about 61 skins):

Version 1.07.18 - Oct 02, 2005
 · Preferences option in system tray icon.  
 · Changed wording of system tray icon exit option.  
 · CONTROL+Click of results now launches an app and STAYS open..  
 · When autosize window option and clear window options are checked, main window is now shrunk before restoring to avoid flicker.  

Version 1.07.17 - Oct 02, 2005
 · Autoshrink of window now reduced window size using a rapid timer to prevent flickering during incremental search.  
Version 1.07.16 - Oct 02, 2005
 · You can now type 'agroups' in the search edit box to get a list of all available group aliases  
 · Added new special command "alias" which can be used in a group alias entry to cause search to renew using the words following the alias. Useful to let one alias group to trigger further searches.  

Version 1.07.15 - Oct 02, 2005
 · Full skin selection plus ability to disable skinning  
 · Setting transparency to 0 now changes window mode to non-transparent (better for capturing screenshots of it)  
 · Reorganized some preference dialog pages.  

Most important new feature:

Skinning seems to use ~2-300kb more working set on my machine (~40 more GDI resources), totally acceptable! ;)

Added new special command "alias" which can be used in a group alias entry to cause search to renew using the words following the alias. Useful to let one alias group to trigger further searches.
--- End quote ---

Can you give us an example?

ok here's the first example, sort of:

type: agroups
you'll get a list of all alias groups known.  then hit one to show its contents
(this uses the alias command internally).

here's a second example:
maybe i have 4 searches i run all the time. i could put these all in a group called: myfiles
excel files | alias *.xls
word files | alias *.doc
powerpoint files | alias *.ppt
cat power music | alias *.mp3 catpower

now i can type "myfiles" and get a list of those 4:
1) excel files
2) word files
3) powerpoint files
4) cat power music

then when i hit 1,2,3, or 4, it will restart a search based on the alias info.

so its just a way of basically like making a menu of other searches.

it's also useful for having recursive lists.

like i might have an alias for imdb, dictionary search, google search
then to help me remember i might have one called internet
which just has an alias for each of imdb, dictionary, google

is somewhat clear?
and get a list of these 3 searches

F&RR is rapidly becoming the most powerful and all-inclusive piece of software ever written - one ring to rule them!  's great!  Am still waiting for a reply from the AppRocket developers about whether or not they're still working on it, before I get down to writing a review ... But really I'm totally won over now by F&RR.

still plenty left to add to F&R, see the long todo list:

ask for $$1 if missing from invocation
fix icons for alias group items
better url display

add ability to search firefox bookmarks

grab recently run external programs
add scoring by access date

preview panel?
alternate search view (browser view?)
custom hotkeys for aliases

when unchecking "start auto with window", its checked again on restart.
+executing with Short File Names causes opera confusion (always use long?)

ability to launch apps into background (minimized?)

add ability to interject filename into open/save dialogs

Find all doesnt seem to work right
even when remove dupes is not on, you should prevent dupes from favorites

when set to display relative path, display parent path if the relative path is \
separate words should act as AND searches rather than phrases (see esp)
search patterns on full paths and extensions? (see esp)

add scripts

-find in name of parent directory?

Folder name searching (ability to use \ to specify dir name pattern (so graph\photo would match graphics\photoshop).

Ability to specify an extension with a . (so photo.exe would match photoshop.exe)

Customizable sound effect when launching?
Speed up loading of ini files.
+make demo movies


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