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Clipstep & Clipseek

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This is the latest beta version of Clipstep & clipseek.
It is a radical improvement on last version

One minor bugfix missed off last upload

This beta includes many corrections and enhancements.
1. Now able to operate on various screen resolution (3/4 Aspect ratio)
2. Suspend scan when presets are changed, and then rescan
3. Better sort options, 1st level directories at top of list now default (ini)
4. can preset sort options for ini preset programs

When I get time Ill complete the resizing facility

This beta version has more enhancements, for example can now switch to Setup during a scan. Resizing now implemented, including option to preset size in .ini file

This works really well, I have installed the Nov 25 version at work as a lightweight multi-copy multi-paste tool
Although the clips do tend to multiply...



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