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Clipstep & Clipseek

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Under WIN_Vista, the CLIPSEEK button: "Shortcut to Desktop" is now corrected.
Many other bugfixes

Major Update as of August 13, 2009
Further update for VISTA (Slow system)  August 15, 2009
Bugfix on August 30, 2009.

Some of the necessary console Apps in "filscrpt_A", and "filscrpt_B" can
be downloaded and MUST be placed in clipstep subdir "!filsript".
Both zips contain this directory, so unzip to clipstep directory.
More contained on

Major Update - now version 2

Clipstep now superceeded by "Clipstac", which combines 2 separate clipboard extension Apps which work well together. Much improved and more powerful than the original modified Clipstep program, and seems to work very well.

It now Auto-configures itself, and includes detailed help file
It can be downloaded from:

Minor Clipstac Bugfix: 26/01/16
Modified  on 30/11/14:Both programs should cope with screen resolutions: (Aspect ratio 3 X 4)
1024 X 768, 1152 X 864, 1280 X 1024, with normal dpi (96 dots per inch) or
increased type size: 125% & 150%.


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