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Clipstep & Clipseek

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Attached is new Clipstep MOD and Clipseek program which seem virtually finished
(synopsis below)
If you have time to look at the README file and have any thoughts on use/improvements, let me know


RE:   CLIPSTEP (ClipSeek)

I am now attaching the LATEST modified CLIPSTEP and NEW CLIPSEEK

CLIPSTEP is a modified version of Skrommel's Clipstep, which is a clipboard extension app which only uses [Control]+v and [Control]+c and [Control]+x to allow clips to be stored as .CLIP files, and allows selection of stored clips for Re-Pasting.
It is now modified to work with CLIPSEEK, a new program (modified form of Seek from Phi) which has two different modes of operation:

  - Displays large table of clipboard CLIPs and shows Clip content
  - Predefine a Permanent directory for preconfigured applications to store clips
  - Allows Selection criteria to preselect clips, many modes offered
  - Provides alternative Pasting options and other functions
  - Can add comments to individual clips, mark clips to preserve/display at top of list etc.

CLIPSEEK Directory Mode:
  - Displays (Recursed) list of files (and directories), and shows contents/properies/icons for common file-types and common grahics.
  - Allows Selection criteria for filename AND contents to preselect files for display, many modes offered.
  - Can preconfigure settings for Active programs/Apps/extensions, which are automatically selected by ClipSeek when run, or can be manually selected, once .ini is modified.
  - Various display options
  - Allows files to be run (if File association exists)/ or Directories to be selected.
  - Can allow MS Word (2000) Document (and RTF and other files) to be listed with block of contents, on which Selective search can restrict list, to aid file selection, and run MSWORD with selected file(s).
  - Allows listing of Apps (Link files etc) in StartMenu and StartMenuCommon, to search for and run required application.

For full function, download (see below) and place files in subdir to main
clipstep directory called \!Filscrpt

Minor bugfix, please download this version

Added improved text-wrapping for CLIP files & others

Clipseek updated for better Viewer flexibility. Also, using external console programs to display PDF,CHM,HTML,HTM,ZIP,RAR etc. Details in helpfile. If someone could offer an ahk routine for above filetypes or others, I can incorporate it. Note though that for speed clipseek limits display in table to 900 chars, or 10000 chars in viewer.

Now fixed clipsearch timing error on clipseek


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