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My System - Index Card Centric

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The easiest cut and dry way of combining both worlds is to scan the cards and then let a photo tagger (like Picasa) deal with it.I don't have an OCR scanner though so I make do with regular reviews of adding my notes into software and then ripping the paper notes apart and throwing them into the trash can - sort of like a reverse in-basket.
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I thought about OCR/Mobile image capture but this is very painful as it's one more task that goes with every to-do list which is very bad for this index card system. Xmind is helping me to some extent with relational tasks and long term goals settings stuff.

Another "addon" I have recently adopted for the index card system is to use a clear desk mat.  When i get ready to work on a set of cards I can arrange them in a grid under the clear desk mat and not have to worry about them getting scattered or in the way if I want to use the desk.

EDIT: Just an update to say that i now consider a clear desk mat to be an essential component of the system -- it makes all the difference in the world when laying out a bunch of cards that would otherwise get in the way or be scattered throughout the day.


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