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How to remove Flash Player not listed in Add/Remove?

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It has been impossible for me to get a reasonable answer from Adobe, so now I am asking you guys, dolls and magicians: How to remove Adobe Flash Player and ActiveX Plugin ?

They are of course not listed in XP's Add / Remove Programs.

The problem began with the flash player not working, so I updated from Major Geeks to the new beta version. But this didn't help - on the contrary: When I tried to uninstall, XP would say that these programs seemed not to be installed, so would I like them to be removed from the list? I answered YES. Maybe I shouldn't have, because now I cannot install, and I cannot uninstall, or repair.

So I have no flash, and yet I have it - if you know what I mean.

So how can I remove Flash Player and ActiveX Plugin from my XP, so I can make a fresh install, please ??


How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

I see Flash player and plug-in listed in zsoft uninstaller.

Interesting. I've always used the downloadable uninstaller that PhilB66 linked to, but note that Flash is uinstallable via not only YourUinstaller! 2006:

How to remove Flash Player not listed in Add/Remove?

but Windows Add/Remove as well:

How to remove Flash Player not listed in Add/Remove?

I no longer remember WHY I have used the downloadable uninstaller from Adobe in the past... perhaps the uninstallation routine is something that Adobe has added in more recent versions of Flash Player?

Sorry: I should of course have taken my time to explain in some more details.

Flash Player AND ActiveX Plugin used to be listed in Add/Remove Programs, but when they failed, XP asked if I wanted to remove their presence from the list. So they do come with an uninstaller.

I did ran the uninstaller which PhilB66 linked to, (Thank You, Phil!), but somehow Flash Player is still here, because when I then tried to install a fresh .60. BETA version from Major Geeks, the installer popped up and claimed that this was not the newest  version and I should go to Adobe to get the "new" (older) .47. version! This tells me that some Flash Player leftovers still remains somewhere at my PC, doesn't it.

So how do I remove leftovers from Flash Player and ActiveX Plugin, I guess I should ask.



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