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Tower Defense games collection updated 27-9-08

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Any new games for this thread? I was thinking of humble bundle or any other place has tower defense game.

necrothread arise!!

tower defence has been popular here so this is probably appropriate -

Defense Grid 2 - Oh yes, there will be towers!


Just a misc post to bump this courtesy of Mouser - I might add a game or two to the thread later. It all started when I found a cool but flawed TD game in Ludum Dare.  : )

Okay, I think I found my tower game for this week. (And I'm winding down my gaming for the episode too.)

Autobot Stronghold.

Incidentally, I'd call this the future of advertising - it seems *really* well made, both in graphics and balance.

Here is a version of the "original", minus all that "free flash gaming site" framing:

It seems beatable with fairly smart play. I got to level 46 on my best run and I felt I had made a few small mistakes.

Oh, I kept wondering why all the games "seemed so small". That seems to be 1600x900 resolution for you. I switched it down to 1280x800 and I like it much better!


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