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Tower Defense games collection updated 27-9-08

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Vector TD 2 is out now. This game eats up more of my free time then my wife...  :huh:


This is to hopefully suck someone else into the infinite abyss of Tower Defense Time Wastage! ;)

Bumping because I updated it with Omega Tower Defense 1-2 , and Gem Tower Defense
I probably also have a couple of more new things on the list but I don't remember which

Another update.
A unique TD game called "Gem Craft" its pretty good in my opinion with lots of levels, and leveling up.

When you start the game you are greeted with something that resembles this
Tower Defense games collection updated 27-9-08

The game plays like a normal TD in the sense that you place towers to blast creeps. But when you place towers you also have to place gems in the tower. Every time you create a gem you get a random one which you can either place in a tower, combine with another or use as ammunition with the "Gem bomb" ability
Tower Defense games collection updated 27-9-08

Jayisgames review:

Done forget Defender: Hold the Holy Pig


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