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SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible

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J-Mac, have you looked if there's a command line parameter to start the scheduler that you can use via the startup? I don't have SFFS on my system currently but I tried it once again after (rather cursorily) panning it because of its interface and quickly realised that a lot of thought and effort has gone into its making. I wouldn't give up on it so easily. <-- scratched the "so easily" part as I'm sure you'll have something to say about that  :)

J-Mac, have you looked if there's a command line parameter to start the scheduler that you can use via the startup?
-nosh (November 24, 2007, 01:12 PM)
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This would be helpful, but it would not mitigate another issue related to the scheduler - that the scheduler must be stopped before you can view/edit backup jobs. It is not only needless manual work to do, but it's awfully easy to close SFFS without remembering to re-enable the scheduler.

I think this is a really big design flaw, and no other sync/backup application I've seen behaves in this way. If SFFS was designed like this on purpose (rather than by taking the easiest way out), it would be interesting to hear the rationale. It's quite puzzling and seems to lead inevitably to the kind of experience Jim has had.

I agree with Tranglos that this seems like a big design flaw.
Any scheduler should be ROCK SOLID, easy to set up and not get in the user's way. Otherwise, what's the point ???

J-Mac, which version of SFFS are you using (standard or pro)?

J-Mac, which version of SFFS are you using (standard or pro)?

-NeilS (November 24, 2007, 07:05 PM)
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I think I saw a similar post by you last week, Neil.  I have no idea -- I didn't notice there were two editions available.  Either way, the one I purchased listed for $59.90, and I purchased it for $41.90 after the DC discount of 30%.  At that price, I would hope it is the higher level!

And as far as the Extreme Sync option (IIRC, that's what you posted about last week), it doesn't work here.  I tried that after the first time SFFS pulled this and it would not setup the service.  Tried it again right before posting here almoat 24 hours ago, and it still is not working.

When I attempt to setup the service it immediately throws an error about my User ID and/or password.  (Both are correct. Other applications on my PC that have scheduled tasks - including Acronis TI Home 11 - have no trouble using my username and password for their scheduled tasks).  After they were rejected four times (with me entering them so slow and carefully just to be sure), I even tried a copy and paste from Acronis, where the username and password fields are showing in Options, but this Extreme Sync refuses them.  I also tried changing the password (successfully!) and SFFS/Extreme Sync rejected that also. (Of course I then had to also change the P/W in the other programs as well - tested them and all work well).  Except SFFS/Extreme Sync.  (And, yes - I am set up as the Administrator on this Windows XP Pro, SP2 machine).

So I cannot get SFFS to hold a schedule regardless of method.

I'll just have to sync manually with this until I can around to purchasing a sync app with a working scheduler.  Actually, I think I'll go back to SyncToy for the time being.  (Should have stayed with it in the first place!!)




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