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Slow capturing using mouse

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i notice there's huge capturing speed difference if i capture using hotkeys and menu..using hotkey, sc captures almost instantly but when capture is done via menu/mouse click it will take few second before sc responds and take screenshots..why is that?

this was added in actually, so that windows has time to hide the menu before a capture begins.

ah ok..but lol..why 3 seconds delay? i think windows takes less than 150 miliseconds to hide that menu

It shouldn't be a 3 second delay it should be < half a second.
something seems wrong.

Is it all capture modes or just some?  Maybe just active window capture?

sorry..just active window capture..can you make it shorter?

i also spotted a bug in active window capture mode..i'm not sure if this really a bug or just sc limitation..if you try to capture active window when no windows is in active state, sc captures nothing but you can hear capture sound played..i think you can fix this by bring previously active window to foreground after capture active window is invoked -- just like snagit behaves.. ;)

another bug maybe..rounded corner windows isnt properly captured as i see black area at the corners of the captured pictures if i save the capture via popup choice dialog that show up after capture is done but if the same capture is saved when sc is in full mode/main window, it saves fine and doesnt have that black area..

one more, save dialog in the popup capture choice doesnt use pre define file name templates in Option/ i have to manually enter filename there..

can you add these 4 reports to your to-do list..?


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