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GOE 2007 Programming Contest for November 2007

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Ok, I have two applications that suit the purposes of the GOE 2007. One of them is a timer that counts interruptions, working time, and rest independently, and plots those. I call it the interruptron!

The other one is a program that helps you read and write faster. It will use stats on what you read/write to help with autocompletion and to present words at the optimal speed. If everything works, it will even generate APML feeds with your attention habits:

Now... timing is an issue. I have an iron-set deadline for the interruptron to be ready by 30 Nov. Docs included. The other tool may be in beta by that time.

Depending on how many entries we are having, I'd like to suggest an extension of the deadline. Either way, I'll do my best to get these two out by 30 Nov (l'm a last minute guy, I know :) )

I'm in with a little tool for people who like to edit in plaintext. This tool helps you navigate between documents more easily and you should be able to plug it into most decent text editors.

Great Arjen! That's the spirit  :up:

I should say, i'm in as well!
I'll try to do a little FARR plugin (maybe my timezone idea if no one else does it, or maybe a notes or quotes one), and maybe i'll have time for a little standalone utility.

For people looking for ideas, i'm posting several to the FARR plugin ideas thread.. I'd love to see some more farr2 plugins as part of GOE programming challenge:

Is there anything happening at this contest?  :huh:


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