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DONE: ALT-TAB edge of the screen (new)

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I use exact same method to bring my open applications. I use power pro to create such behaviour. It is an amazing program. If you want you can add modifiers like shift or ctrl+ bumping to any coordinate or edge on the screen that can be used to fire any command application etc.

The way I have done is that whenever my mouse bumps top of the screen powerpro sends "win+alt" key to windows which gives me task bar.

Also you can try virtuawin - manager of the virtual desktops. It makes possible to switch between any counts of virtual desktops just by touching edge of the screen. It is customizable whith modifiers, knocking, desktop and mouse wrapping, etc.

Alt-Edge works a little too well, as shown by many inadvertent invocations.

I'd suggest a user-adjustable delay from 0-1000 msec. Possible?

AND - how do I select which screen edge produces the alt-tab?


I've been trying to change the code, could anyone help me do 2 things:

1. Invoke ALT + TAB when at the right edge of the screen
2. Have the program work not on the whole edge, but on a certain part (eg. the middle)

-philip2005 (February 20, 2008, 01:35 PM)
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I agree, with me it keeps activating when I am just trying to use the back arrow key in Firefox.  Therefore I would also like it to concentrate on the middle section of the edge and not the top and bottom.


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