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I was working on an assignment over the weekend and found myself constantly pressing ALT-TAB to switch between two windows, I was wondering if anyone knew of a program or could script a small program to invoke ALT-TAB whn i move my mouse to the edge of the screen - like hot corners except instead of corners - edges of the screen.

Thanks !!!  :Thmbsup:


ClickyMouse is a macro program that let's you assign actions to screen edges. Very expensive just to invoke Alt+Tab though!

TopDesk is basically an Alt+Tab replacement. I tried it out a while ago and I'm positive it has this feature.  (Again, not free and probably too resource intensive for this kind of task.)

Have you ever heard of KatMouse? It doesn't do what you requested, but it does let you switch windows with an assigned mouse button. Many people here will probably recommend it as well. You could also use X-Mouse Button Control to map alt+tab to a mouse button, you can also make it application specific. You could also use this in combination with Alt-Tab Thingie or TaskSwitchXP and for convenience, set it to "sticky" mode.

also try this alternative Alt-Tab replacement, coded in Autohotkey.

Thanks for the response's - alot to try out  ;D

 X-Mouse Button Control works great!!! Thanks Nighted  :D


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