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Some features request and bugreports

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These options might solve your problem with save as:

The "Always save objects during Save As..." does not work. I'm try to restart program and it is not work.

Another bug (may be not bug):

I need to use sorting by name, not by time of editing. How I change it:
1. Open Options window, select View Options -> Screenshot Panel Mode: Derails(top).
2. Sort files by name and switch to original view.

Now all files sorted by name, but when I restart program I need to make this steps again :(

Also: "Flatten background transparency on SaveAs" enabled always

Currently both your recommended options enabled and it is does not work - I get wrong gif again

"Flatten background transparency on SaveAs" enabled always -> this should solve it, let me check to see if i broke this in a recent version.

having a sort option might not be a bad idea.


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