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Some features request and bugreports

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Resize Image bug:

1. Select any png image (with another types not tested).
2. Click menu item Edit -> Resize Image...
3. First time the Presets... combobox is empty, select 160x120 and click OK

After than when you select this command and click on Preview button do nothing -> first I need click on combobox (even if I don't change preset value) and then click Preview button

I'm work on computer (Win XIP SP2) with disabled themes.

I have themed screenshot of some program in png format without any arrows and file .object not created on disk for this screenshot.

1. I'm put arrow with text on this image.
2. I'm don't save it and select "Save As..." command
3. I'm save it as gif file and I get damaged gif file (attached as ...bad.gif).
4. After creation I'm press save button for this damaged file and now I have correct file.

Sometimes I can repeat such situation, sometimes can't

Oh.. I see that uploaded the same images, try another:

thanks for the good reports and requests.. i think there are a few i will try to fix/implement.  i'll report more in a bit since i'm in a busy time at the moment.

but can you elaborate a little on the "bad" gif problem. what is bad about it? can you email it to me? ([email protected])

Now I can describe what is bad - it have transparent color when must be white color (for all pucture).


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