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Some features request and bugreports

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Thumbnail creation:
1. Even if I have rounded image (themed window) when I create thumbnail - it created with rectangular window, not with rounded corners (I see it as small white corners on thumbnail).
2. It is possible to add feature - create thumbnail with shadow only (without white border).

Shadow feature:
1. It is possible to create shadow only (without white border).
2. It is possible to create shadow as object (to change properties of shadow, or delete shadow in the future).

Save+New Version feature:
If is possible to create new copy and don't switch to created copy?

Also for Arrow object:

Sometimes I need to create arrow with endpoint text, but that arrow alwain began from a corner of rectangle with endpoint text. I need it from the middle of one of the parties of a rectangular. It may be useful with manual feature in the Arrows panel or it may be in automatic mode (for example it may be very useful when arrow have horizontal orientation - it should begin from left (or right) side of rectangle with text)

Also for Arrow object :)

1. Multiline text
2. Multiple arrows for single text

Also for Arrow object :)

Feature "Rounded corners" may be useful

Added to the feature and bugs list.


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