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babylon: charging you $6.99 for retrieving your lost lincense ?!?

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yes, but just with the help of external online translation services

Speaking about the product itself, can it translate a group of words (i.e., a selection of sentence or sentences)? If it doesn't, is there any alternative (freeware preferred) for German->English?
-sri (October 28, 2007, 06:33 AM)
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dont know would this help :
more generally:

I use Leo but that's just a dictionary -
If you need some post-translation-proofreading/checking & if it's not too much stuff let me know I might be able to help.
But if it's technical forget it  :D

I don't like this, but it is hardly the first time I have heard of it.  In fact, I know many, mostly smaller, outfits who do this except they charge a small fee EVERY TIME you request it.  The theory goes that they emailed you a key and since you were using it you had it at least one time.  For them to regenerate it takes time to lookup and verify your purchase - time they could spend developing.  If you can't keep your email yourself, then that is taking away from the developer - again, as the theory goes.  I know that MANY outfits don't even keep a database at all.  They either use a consistent algorithm to generate a key, or generate a new key to replace lost ones.  All these methods have ups & downs, but in the end it is going to cost someone something, and more and more developers are deciding it isn't going to cost them anymore.  Unfortunate but true in situations like yours, or even mine where I moved and lost my emails.  That is why I use Yahoo's online email service now.


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