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PODdy Mouth - Good blog on self-publishing and printing on demand


Tom Colvin, who is a member at DC and runs his own great blog has made a post recommending this blog on self-publishing.

Quoting Tom:
I’ve been following her blog, dipping in several times a week. Yes, she’s definitely opinionated. She also really knows what she’s talking about. For example, look at her post Top 6 PODS Author Solutions Should Acquire Next . The blogger provides details about the publishers on her list that are not easy to come by — and they provide unusual insight into the business.While most blogs about writing drift from topic to topic, this one is sharply focussed on a topic that any writer who wants to have a book published should follow. It’s one of a small handful of writer’s blog that I consider a MUST-READ.
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From the site itself:
I am very opinionated about print-on-demand and self-publishing, and since every opinionated person I know has a blog, I figured I had better start one, too. No use wasting my opinions just on myself, right? That’s like making a delicious, six-course meal just for me and my cat.

 I should also mention that I have had personal dealings with nearly every publisher I am going to discuss, including (in no particular order): Author House, iUniverse, Lulu, Cafe Press, Outskirts Press, Xlibris, Create Space, Tate, Publish America, etc.  So let my experience be your guide… or, you know, whatever.

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I'll read them articles and see how they help me with my book project :)

I note that the Poddymouth blog is now no longer online.  Have any of you done any Publishing On Demand?  What route did you take?  What software did you use for your writing?  I have a couple of book ideas, and am wondering the best course to take...


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