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DCUpdater - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread


Below is a list of reported bugs for DCUpdater. Once a bug is reported on this forum, we will add it to the table and update the table with a new status once we have an update.

Bug SummaryReport DateStatusFailed install - Installer is not valid Win32 Application30NOV2007Unconfirmed

To all users,

The table below details requested features thus far. Please post a new thread with a feature request. Once we receive it, we will update the table below with the request and update its status as it gets updated by mouser. Thanks for your help!


Feature SummaryRequest DateStatus

If you've posted about a bug or feature request that isn't listed here, just send me a message through the forum and let me know.

Added: Failed install - Installer is not valid Win32 Application

Added: Failed install - Installer is not valid Win32 Application
--- End quote ---

this error happens when for whatever reason the browser didnt download the complete dcupdater installer program.
this seems to be happening quite a bit, especially with internet explorer.  i don't know why. i don't know anyone that does.   >:(


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