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FARR v2 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread

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Yes, i will add this.  it's a very good point.

May i suggest that you may want to install a program to handle this case of applications off screen if you frequently  unplug monitors.  In the past i've used i tiny old freeware called "Discover" but i can't locate it anymore.  It stays in tray and you double click it and it moves any windows that are currently offscreen back on screen.  there are surely other tools to do this -- probably one or two written by dc members that i'm not recalling at the moment  :P


I have 2 small problems
Here is a screenshot:

1. FARR get icon direct from .exe file, not .lnk. But if .exe has no icon and .lnk has it, can FARR take it from .lnk? on screenshot "windows update.lnk" has icon, but FARR does not show it

2. After first 9 item in history list with predicate with "* - ", other items has strange space before.

and last, i confirm that
3. When a list of results is displayed, right-click an item and click Properties. Result: nothing happens. No error, no message, just nothing  The Shell Context Menu command works, though.
--- End quote ---
reproduce in windows 7 x64

sorry for my bad english, its not my native lang


hi lordmuzer, welcome to the site!

thank you for your bug reports -- they are all very clear.  i am going to try to fix them.  i think bugs 1+3 are also happening on my other program (LaunchBar Commander) so it is important that i get them fixed as soon as possible.

I know some discussion about launching 64-bit programs has taken place.  I don't see any discussion about finding and launching 64-bit programs in the system32 directory.  As you know, a 32-bit program sees the sysWOW64 directory as the system32 directory.  I first noticed this problem when launching cmd.exe from FARR.  It finds the 32-bit cmd.exe in the sysWOW64 directory and runs it.  Then when I type something like nbtstat in that command prompt window, it cannot find it, because there is not a 32-bit nbtstat.exe in the sysWOW64 directory, only a 64-bit one in the real system32 directory.  I think what we need is a 64-bit build of FARR.

this is an interesting issue.

FARR should not actually have any trouble finding or launching 64 bit programs.. the problem is well described by you -- it seems to be finding+launching the 32bit version of cmd.exe and then what you see from that is not what you want.

It seems like a good workaround for now would be to create your own alias to launch the 64bit  Can you test and see if that works?


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